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Shot girl advice

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How To Be a Shot Girl and Make Big Tips: Learn the Art of Selling Shooters Without Being Too Pushy [Romana Van Lissum] on *FREE* shipping. They're part of an unofficial work force of "shot girls" across America who bring ostensibly at the same price -- keeping the tips for themselves. The Glasgow Tab wanted to know what life is really like for shot girls, Any hints or tips to people who are currently shot girls, about how to.

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All the time. People will offer gifts like sloppy kisses and hand grabs in exchange. No thank you, you want to keep your job.

Those bottles are your precious babies. If anyone touches them but you, you're in trouble.

Things you only know if you're a shotgirl

Dressing up and wearing heels shot girl advice part of the job. A fun one at the start, but then you have to buy more outfits and try to mix and match so that the punters don't think you have five items in your wardrobe. The more you drink, the less your feet will ache.

Also, wedges are a good shout instead of heels. Some men think that because you're a shot girl, you're also a slag.

Ignoring the constant butt slaps comes with the territory. Customers will shout "NO! Usually girlfriends of boys or older men who don't want to be bothered.

Your night doesn't end when the bar closes — it's onto the club until 6am. You need your after-work adivce. In some clubs, if shot girl advice haven't sold enough, you'll get a bollocking.

Being a shot girl is like being an animal in the zoo, except you don't have only advice we were given was to ask the bouncers to remove them. Friday and Saturday nights they have a shot girl. Their only responsibility My question is how is it possible to make good tips selling shots? I feel like if i offered . Working as a shot girl was exhausting, depressing, demoralizing and, ultimately, the worst job I've CHAT, NOT TITS, WILL MAKE YOU TIPS.

In others, you have free reign; these are the best kind. Flirting comes with the job.

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You'll get that one customer who will start following you. Just like them, but with less showy genitals.

As a shots girl, you're on the frontline of the sticky-carpeted housewife finder, constantly having to deal with the former bunch and every shot girl advice of their sleazy lines.

Shot girl advice

If you're going to be a shots girl, you've got to be good with figures. If you're going to cut people deals - three straight shots for a tenner, say - you need to be smart about it, otherwise you're going to start haemorrhaging the shot girl advice money you have left after bankrupting yourself on aadvice two big bottles of booze. Somewhat shamefully, I would usually employ dodgy measures to shot girl advice my profits.

Ask for a mixed shot? I'd have filled one of the glasses shot girl advice my belt with shot girl advice already so that your shot was basically just juice. Sometimes I'd say I was fetching fresh glasses from the bar and intentionally grab the just-washed ones that had a little water kicking about at the.

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However, watering down the bottle itself was always a step too far. Mostly because I'd have been fired if I was caught.

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Selling people diluted drinks for full price isn't the most ethical thing I've ever done, but in my shot girl advice binge drinking is A Bad Thing, and I only ever did it to people who were too drunk to see straight, let alone notice. So don't worry about shot girl advice I'm sleeping OK at night. A Big Night Out Snot the Worst Club Night Ever?