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In a culture where women marry young and marry up, those who also want success for themselves frequently find that the deck is sheng nu dating against. A fresh-faced woman with an M.

She has tried everything: She even took her search to the outdoor marriage market at Shanghai's People's Park, where, every weekend, parents of the unwed blanket the park with their children's resumes. Wei, who went with sheng nu dating mother, was disappointed that few singles actually showed up.

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But it gave her a chance to scope out her competition. The resumes fluttering from taut clotheslines relayed the hard facts: As she read through them, Wei realized that many of Shanghai's single ladies are just like her: The Chinese media has been buzzing with stories about urban single women like Wei, sheng nu dating sheng nusheng nu dating literally translates nympho chat rooms "leftover women.

Under these conditions, "men at the bottom of society get left out of the marriage market, and that same pattern is coming to emerge for women at the top of society," says Yong Cai, a University of North Carolina demographer who studies China's gender imbalance.

In a cheeky response to the mocking title, women have launched sheng nu dating nu" social clubs across the country.

At a Starbucks not far from Shanghai's People's Park, the founders of one such club, which boasts more than 1, members, met on a hot summer night to talk sheng nu dating single living in Shanghai.

As women climb the social ladder, the pool of viable men shneg, explained Sandra Bao, datiing co-founder and fashion magazine editor who coyly said she's "around Universal marriage at a young age has long been the norm in China.

So it's not surprising that these women face criticism for choosing to stay single, especially as the countryside fills sheng nu dating with men who can't get sheng nu dating because they outnumber marriage-age women. Viral videos, newspaper articles and commentators across China have lambasted these women for gold digging, blaming them for waiting aheng out for a man with a bigger house or fancier car.

But Wei says it's not that simple.

Browsing through stats like education and salary is precisely what turned her off the People's Park scene, eating says. Sometimes, men are intimidated by her accomplishments.

Six years ago, on an online dating site, she met a primary school teacher who hadn't even completed college. After many long phone calls, she sheng nu dating sense a spark.

When they met in person, she started falling for. But soon after, he pulled away.

She still doesn't understand what went wrong. The "sheng nu" phenomenon is datnig to trends we've already seen around the world, in countries ranging from the United States to Japan as higher education sheng nu dating increased employment give women more autonomy, Cai says.

'Leftover Women' Documentary Chronicles the Story of China's Attack on Unmarried Professional Women

Women break away from the tradition of mandatory marriage, get married later and have fewer children, studies. Wei holds out hope that she will find a good husband.

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She doesn't need a rich man, but she wants someone who sheng nu dating match her intellect, her passion and hopefully, her salary, nothing too unreasonable. The authors misread statistics from the Census. We want to hear what you think about this sheng nu dating. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

Sushma Subramanian is a sheng nu dating journalist based in New York. Deborah Jian Lee is a freelance journalist dsting independent radio producer based in New York.

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