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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Author's infos Gender: Posted Tue 27th of Sdx Report. Font size: One warm afternoon Mom was sitting in her chaise lounge by the sex stories naked.

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Nancy and I were lying on the warm sand, which we liked to do after working on sex stories naked farm all day. Mom was very comfortable stogies a book and sipping her vodka and tonic — her third of the evening.

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Mom was very lonely since dad died. Her very active social and sex life had diminished. She would mention that after dad died, her friends continued storries their lives but she was hardly ever sex stories naked anymore.

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Her very best friends, Sam and Betsy and Joan and Sex stories naked victoria beauty always make it a point to come for dinner since they remembered the good times when dad was alive.

Sam was always the one that would fuck Mom and Bill, Betsy and Joan would invade the bar and get totally smashed. Before long, everybody was naked and the fucking and cock sucking began, Sam swx a cock that would please any female sex stories naked his wife Betsy was always willing to share it with anyone that could handle his size. Mom loved the feel of it in her pussy doggie style and Sam would ram it home while his balls slapped on her ass.

Everybody was free online fuck buddies care of sexually and it appeared that Mom was very happy with the arrangements. Of course we sex stories naked knew what was going on at the lake. Ha Ha Mom just seemed very happy with her life. The island storiee in the middle of the Lake, and Nan and I have been going there on many summer evenings.

Nancy was now 18 sex stories naked getting ready for college. I was a year younger. We had become very close sexually since I was 14 and I saw her naked for the nakrd time.

I was becoming more sexually active with the girls and Nancy was fucking anything that moved. Montgomery county escorts and I liked to swim in the nude — it was such a free and soothing time. I usually got a boner in the water and when we got to the sex stories naked I was ready for action.

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Nan was on the pill so we had no thoughts of her getting knocked up. Nan stripped off her bikini top and wex and we raced toward the water.

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Mom looked up from her book and sex stories naked our bare storoes disappearing in the water. We must be in real trouble. She never swam with us to the island before and what are we going to do when we get there? I never said anything to stofies. What they wanted to do was their business. It did make me horny and I had to jerk sex stories naked in my room when I got.

Nan, you should see the cock on Uncle Ben. He had it buried in Mom and she was moaning and meeting every one of his thrusts. Honest, Nan, he had Mom in a frenzy and when he came she licked up all his cum nkaed sucked on his rod — it was still sex stories naked.

Of course, being younger, we beat Mom to the island. I was standing there with sex stories naked rock hard cock standing straight in the air and nothing to hide it. Nan stepped in front of me and my pecker slid up the crack of her ass.

When Mom got storifs the shoreline and stood up we saw how beautiful she really.

Sex stories naked

Her still beautiful 36C breasts hung slightly from the cool water, showing her cleavage. Her long slender legs fucking english granny tan from her wearing shorts. She had shaved her pussy bikini style leaving a soft patch in the middle sex stories naked to the top of her sex stories naked.

I could see the lips of her pussy were slightly open showing her clit, which was large, and daring to be touched and sucked.

Sexy Women in Oconee GA Adult Dating what are you talking about? I have heard the moans and have heard you sex stories naked showering. And you, Jim, feeling her tits every chance you. He would cry at night for storjes Dad was really a great loss. I was very lonely and our friends were starting sex stories naked slip away. Holding in a dark secret of very difficult but I think it is time to tell you about your brother Harry and me.

We have been making love for the past year. Harry and Mom having sex?

How could sex stories naked happen. Mom is such a beautiful, well-liked person and could have any man she wanted. But Harry? We would sit on the beach in the evening having a drink and sex stories naked naker the sex stories naked.

I began to cry just hearing this news although I wanted desperately for Harry to get a good education and be as successful as your dad. As we were sitting there, I pulled him close and gave him a big hug. Tilting my face to his, I kissed him softly on the cheek and he moved his mouth slowly to my lips. I was responding to this love from my son and kissed him gently. Still holding him tightly, I parted my lips and Harry slid his tongue into my mouth. I responded instantly, our women seeking sex 36203 scotland moving in and out in true intercourse motion.

He reached around and unfastened my bra sex stories naked exposed my full 36C cup breasts. Harry stood up and I grabbed the top of his swimsuit and pulled it down and Harry stepped out of it. His large prick sprang out in full erection.

I lay back so Harry could remover my bikini bottoms. I got on my knees and licked his balls and began up the shaft to russian erotic vacation sensitive tip of his shaft.

I sex stories naked took his wonderful sex stories naked penis in my sex stories naked and plunged down his shaft to the hilt - a real deep throat - and began sucking and tonguing. I was very excited and in ecstasy as he licked and got his tongue in side my pussy. I told Harry that even that this felt so good, I would rather have him fuck me. Harry turned over on his back and I sec my body over him and let my naked breasts press against his chest.

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I wanted to imagine that it was your dad screwing me on the beach as sex stories naked did so. We continued in this position with out excitement rising to a fever pitch.

He had no trouble since his precum mixed with mine and I tightened around his pecker tightly before I let him start to really fuck me. He pumped me and grabbed my tits and sex stories naked. I am going to cum baby. Fuck me harder, sweetheart, harder.

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His balls were slapping into my cunt and I moaned and my pussy tightened then released his cock and my juices tsories around my ass hole. He climbed aboard me and as I guided his cock, he went into me to the sex stories naked. Fuck me - harder, harder, harder!!! Stay inside me honey — cum, baby, cum.

He kept it in gay cim till it went soft and when he pulled out, I sucked him dry and clean. I have used the language that you kids understand and I hope that there is storis love and affection among us. Now for the real reason we are here on the island and I have told you all these things. Jim, you are old enough to understand how much I love you and to ask this question may take some time to answer.

Would you hold me tight and make love to me when I need you? All the while Mom was telling about Harry and her, she saw my pecker getting hard. Even Sex stories naked, not realizing what she sex stories naked doing, was stroking it and playing with her clit. I am not ever going to compare you with your brother.

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Before I knew what was happening, Nan was between her legs licking her and sex stories naked on her clit. I felt her left breast and she cupped sx right one and offered her nipple to me.

Her nipples were firm and I felt like I was about to explode. Nan was squeezing ses sex stories naked while Mom kept pumping. I fell on her exhausted. I turned around and let Mom lick and suck my soft cock clean and dry.

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We can have a wonderful life together here on the farm and am sure that there are other friends that would like to join jaked on the island. This will be our special place. sex stories naked

I might even be able to get Bill, Sam, Betsy and Jill to join us. Would you kids mind sharing yourselves sometime?