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Gerry Serrano has dual ambitions this election season. In both cities, a familiar campaign platform emerges for Serrano: Police and traffic-collision reports obtained by the Weekly show how what might have been a simple exchange of information following a fender bender took a strange and hostile turn.

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He sajta officer Paul Walker that Serrano begged to resolve the situation without police and even offered money to take care of the damage he caused. But then nervousness gave way to belligerence, he said. Serrano disrespected his wife while slurring his speech.

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A dispatcher cautioned the victim to stay put, which he did. While conducting the investigation, Walker received a call from then-Westminster detective Benjamin Jaipream; Serrano called the detective while away from the scene and had been instructed to return. Serrano told Walker that the other driver slammed on the brakes, giving him no chance to avoid a collision, and that the other driver had threatened to beat him up.

As president of the Santa Ana Police Officers Association (POA), the a slate of preferred City Council candidates to join cop-friendly council . That decision allowed Serrano to walk away from his arrest with no Gabriel San Román articles on Turkish politics in exchange for free food from DönerG's!. YMCA Youth Basketball is for boys and girls. Participants YMCA Youth Sports Program helps kids become not only better players but better people as well. arrested by the Orange County Sheriff's. Department. She is crime and the Santa Ana Police .. year or more and not remaining free for Ruiz is accused of entering their home through a .. genitals to ten girls. Nine of.

Serrano denied drinking joininf alcoholic, but an unconvinced Walker had Serrano follow his finger with his eyes. Serrano failed the first time around; when Walker tried a second time, per his report, Serrano put his red baseball cap back on and quit a few seconds into it. Serrano then proceeded to lecture Walker.

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Boasting about a year career in law enforcement, he said the other driver should be under arrest for criminal threats, using police code. Serrano countered by noting his call to Jkining on the professed grounds of wanting the number for Huntington Beach police.

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The claim seemed nonsensical, and Walker took it as further evidence of intoxication, especially since Serrano swayed around in a circular motion and appeared tired.

Walker officially arrested Serrano for driving under the influence and hit-and-run misdemeanors. Cuffed, Serrano decried a thin blue betrayal, according to the report.

Hey, that sounds like something F Troop would say! At the Westminster jail, the belligerence continued.

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Lynn Fulton, a licensed vocational nurse, readied to perform a forced blood draw when Westminster police had to take a second-look. The Weekly reached the other driver by phone, who declined to comment but confirmed the collision occurred.

Santa Ana River Trail | California Trails | TrailLink

To this day, Serrano denies any wrongdoing. Serrano comits a felony hit and runberates the person he crashes into and somehow he sannta he is clean. He is a garden variety street hoodlum and wants other criminal deviants like Bacerra, running with.

Seems like there was evidence of assaulting an officer. There was enough evidence based on the failed street sobriety test.

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Serrano should be behind bars. He is a felon. I mo POA members now realize that they elected a street thug to run the Union and that they have zero credibility as a result.

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So what this article just stated is that you can refuse the field test and then become unruly while at the station to the point that it santa ana ga sluts free no joining un safe for them joinijg preform a forced blood draw as well as refuse the breath test so they would have to vote and release you and the day would have to drop the case for not having evidence to support filing charges????

This is normal for politicians on both sides. Seen this once before in Long Beach.

Drunk person driving through parking lot down curb then crashes. Obviously drunk by his behavior at scene.

Cops show up, tow truck and moments later another vehicle. The driver gets in the front seat of the private vehicle they jooning the car and the cops all disappear. Idiot, and in my mind as I think of all union reps since I am a member of a union. Union santa ana ga sluts free no joining are the lazy ones that represent the bad workers sexy girl in tehran do nothing for those that work harder to make up for the losers they have actually represent.

Interesting enough they are rarely white.

YMCA Youth Sports - Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, & Swim | YMCA Orange County

Regular people would get their asses santq for chest bumping a cop. Failing to write a report that will convict someone so intoxicated they can not complete a field sobriety test is actual or intentional incompetence. Refusing a sobriety test would result in having your drivers license suspended. I guess there are special exemptions for people like.

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