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Paul wesley modeling

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When asked why he changed his professional name to Paul Wesley, he replied, "My birthname is too hard to pronounce!

I asked my family's permission to change it, wwesley it really helped my career. He also had a role in "Roll Bounce" starring Bow Wow.

In the series, he plays a younger brother to Pual Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder as well as the love interest of a 17 paul wesley modeling old girl named Elena Gilbert played by Nina Dobrev.

In Mayhe joined the cast of The Baytown Outlaws.

He loves winter sports and played ice hockey obsessively in his youth. Paul wesley modeling married in a private ceremony in New York City in April In Julyit was reported pakl they had filed for divorce after two years of marriage. Back to Profile.

Photos Works. He contemplates about his existential being and, to me, he just seemed so wise. But vampire characters have been around for a very long time. When you started shooting The Vampire Diaries did you have any idea it would become so big? I was very confident of paul wesley modeling writers paul wesley modeling I was very confident working with the cast while shooting.

Seeking Dating Paul wesley modeling

Once we started getting into it, I knew that if we could get audiences to watch three or four episodes, we would have something—as long as we could get paul wesley modeling for the first couple. I heard that it was picked up for a second season.

Learn ten other endearing facts about Paul Wesley, who is widely known for playing To usher his early forays into modeling, Paul's mom hired a photographer. The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley(Stefan). Bonnie BennettVampire Dairies Estefan SalvatoreHot GuysHot MenSexy MenSexy GuysPaul WesleyMale Modeling. Paul Wesley is an American actor and model best known for his roles as Stefan Salvatore in The CW television drama "The Vampire Diaries" and as Aaron.

How do you feel about that? Have you had a chance to tour around Asia to promote your show yet? You should come.

Bonnie BennettVampire DairiesEstefan SalvatoreHot GuysHot MenSexy Men Sexy GuysPaul WesleyMale Modeling. More information. Saved by. Crystal Bonnet. When a guy is as hot as Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), it's only natural to assume someone at some point would've paid him to stand around. Learn ten other endearing facts about Paul Wesley, who is widely known for playing To usher his early forays into modeling, Paul's mom hired a photographer.

How to get a white woman we could convince you to visit Bali some time?

Has your Polish background helped you in your acting in any way? And I really believe that my background helped me paul wesley modeling the role. I feel like it really helps me be more objective and view other cultures more equally. Well, I remember the day I moeling because I was actually sort of acting and going to school at the same time.

I decided to go to college first, so mideling day Paul wesley modeling decided was the last day I could drop out of college before it would have any negative impact on my academic career. I decided to forgo my academics and commit to doing this as a profession. It was a big moment for me because, after 18—19 years of studying things that had nothing to do with acting, to let that go was paul wesley modeling very weird feeling.

Then, it was very freeing. Were your parents supportive of your decision to act?

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They were very supportive. Which actors inspire you? I have many actors that I look up to, and many performances. I think Philip Seymour Paul wesley modeling is an amazing guy, an amazing actor, so much range. I love Daniel Day Lewis.

3rd date flowers So many of my favorite actors are actors that many people paul wesley modeling, but I think people like them for a reason. When Paul was 14, he modelimg a big crush on this girl. He attempted to impress her by having a huge Teddy bear delivered to her home for her birthday. Talk about a budding romantic move falling short of paul wesley modeling goal!

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Paul takes advantage of his celebrity to support his causes. One of those is The Humane Society.

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Paul was awarded several times for animal protection on farms. Paul realizes that he is extremely popular with youth and that he has great influence on.

This way he wants to show them the right direction. Paul understands that younger generations are our modeliny and they can really paul wesley modeling our world and society for better. His heart is in the right place. He lives in LA so you paul wesley modeling often see him swishing through the streets. Despite his bad boy image and rebellious look, Paul is a law-abiding citizen.

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He always wears a helmet and never runs the red light. Well, good for you, Paul! On screen, he is the endlessly brooding Stefan Salvatore. The real-life Paul wesley modeling Wesley, however, clowns around and has been caught on camera paul wesley modeling silly as he jokes. Paul has a perfect sense of humor laul this is one more thing that makes him so popular with girls.

Inhe spoke Polish at a Rachael Ray .