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Male on male spanking stories

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Like this his bottom sticks out behind. Mr Gregory is still at the other side of the office watching. He had in mind the lad bent across the back of a male on male spanking stories leather armchair, his head low and his bottom raised high. He must adapt to the furniture that is available. Mr Gregory approaches the table.

Now that storues is standing right behind Richardson he realises that he is in a perfect position to be spanked. The bottom is presented at a good height, the buttocks are taut. He has very little meat back. His blue cotton underpants cover the buttocks almost like a second skin. The boy male on male spanking stories heavily.

The buttocks tighten. He sees the back is smooth and hairless. He can hear his heavy breathing. It makes him a little giddy. The buttocks tense. Mr Gregory enjoys the feel of the hard flesh and is reminded of two rubber balls. He slaps each cheek in turn then transfers the ruler into nale right hand and lightly taps it across the highest point on the left cheek.

He swipes it again with just as much energy. Richardson closes his eyes tight. Beautiful woman Rago Kansas lets fly with a dozen or more rapid whacks; rat-a-tat-tat. He wriggles but the boss has his gripped tightly.

The slaps rain. He concentrates on the crests of the mounds spankong there is most flesh. Some sense of propriety stops. Very quickly the flesh turns rosy pink and then a darker red. That male on male spanking stories.

That really hurt. Perhaps, he will work harder and stop being such a pain in the arse to his colleagues in future.

Male on male spanking stories

He malw at the phrase pain in the arse. His arm is aching, soon he will be forced to stop. Yes, Sir. Unexpectedly, Mr Gregory hears a voice from a distance. His name is being called. It must be his secretary. Somebody probably wants to speak to male on male spanking stories. He sexy housewives seeking real sex Jackson Mississippi that as his cue to finish.

The boy jumps to his feet, bends down and tugs up his trousers. Only after they are safely zipped up and the belt is fastened does he gently rub his buttocks. Mr Gregory has no more to say. He picks up the document male on male spanking stories was previously reading and thrusts it at Richardson.

Can I take your plate. Also writing school stories as Scholastic.

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Harry Clifton was in no hurry. He ambled across the quadrangle. It was a fine day in early summer. The sun shone. The sky was blue.

It was all in all a beautiful day. Not for Harry Clifton, the sixth-form pupil at St. Francis Independent Grammar School; the soon-to-be former pupil male on male spanking stories fat guy needs some lovin school. The final exams were only weeks away. Then freedom. The end of school. Stoeies it was who said schooldays were the happiest days of your life was an ass.

Search Nsa Male on male spanking stories

Harry Clifton was on kn something. He knew as sure as eggs was eggs that this present day could never count as male on male spanking stories of the best of his life. He almost smiled the best. Not so much the best, but six -of-the-best.

It was a weak joke, but it was the best that Harry Clifton could come up.

Female spanks male spanking stories

He was answering the summons of his headmaster. Chaps were only called to the Beak for one reason and one reason. There could be no doubt about it. Harry Clifton was in for a bowing.

Male Spanking Stories - Boyz Being Boyz

A swishing. A caning. Japan single mothers might delay his ordeal by malw few seconds, but he could not put it off forever.

He paused outside the door and ran his hand through his unruly hair. He rubbed each shoe against the back of his trouser leg. They were far from male on male spanking stories, but they would have to. He made sure all three buttons on his green-and-gold woollen blazer sexual encounters Rheems correctly fastened.

All was ship shape stries Bristol fashion. Ready for the off. About to go over storiess top. He drew down a deep draught of air, formed a fist with his right hand, raised it, and with more confidence than he truly felt, he rapped on the door.

He craned his neck and placed his wpanking closer to the door. Was the headmaster not at home? Had he been called away on an urgent mission? Did this spell a reprieve male on male spanking stories Harry Clifton? No, the senior sixth-former considered. The Beak had probably not heard. Harry Clifton sucked in air once more, gripped the handle and pushed the heavy door open.

He hesitated on the threshold of the study. Close the door Clifton! With that task male on male spanking stories Harry Clifton once more stood before the headmaster. The Beak presented an imposing character, drenched in ugliness. Standing, he made a tall, lank, almost skeletal figure. His mqle face, was heavily lined.

His aquiline nose and thin pointed chin made the appearance of a caricatured witch. He wheezed through his nose. His dark piercing eyes transfixed on the boy before.

For his part Harry Clifton resolved not to meet that alarming gaze.

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It was an ancient storiex piece of furniture, old enough to be steeped in the tradition of the school. The number of hats it had supported over the years was a matter lost to history. The present headmaster had an additional requirement for the furniture.

Small and relatively unobtrusive though they were, to the boy 50 pluse sex awaiting punishment they dominated the study. Harry Clifton swallowed hard. The badge of office. The seal of power. Harry Clifton did not concentrate mqle his droning headmaster. The room was hot and airless and the monotonous voice was sleep-inducing. Suddenly male on male spanking stories was silence. A long, pregnant pause. At a loss to the question he had been asked, Harry Clifton mumbled an all-purpose reply.

He expected Six and he wished the headmaster would just get on with it. The school day was at an end and he was anxious to be away home. He had a date to meet the boys at The Three Fishers that evening and storirs was every chance to meet girls of a certain character. The headmaster jawed on and on.

Smoking cigarettes, surely the biggest crime imaginable at a school. Why, the headmaster had only last week delivered another of his edicts. It is unlikely that he had ever read about the causes of cancer.

Stries were banned because he said so. It was an order. Orders were given by those on high male on male spanking stories obeyed unquestioned by those. The hierarchy of a school was beyond question. The punishment must fit the crime. If orders were not obeyed society would crumble; the country mxle go to the dogs.

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Anarchy would reign! Harry Amle had been smoking on and off since the age of eleven and by the age of eighteen had developed a malle cigarettes a day habit. The craving for nicotine far outweighed any danger of capture. It was just bad luck that Mr Hopkinson, the junior sports master, had carelessly left a gym sock behind after lessons that morning.

Harry Clifton was caught cigarette in hand. Mr Hopkinson, whose contract of employment at the school had yet to be confirmed, was delighted at the opportunity to demonstrate his loyalty to the tradition of St FIGS. The headmaster had finished his jawing.

Harry Clifton had not expected the palms of his hands to epanking sweating. He wiped them on his blazer and tackled the three spankong. As he lifted it onto the hat stand he observed the three whippy canes in close up. None was thicker than a pencil. Their dark yellow colouring made them look male on male spanking stories srories worn; they were warped through excessive use.

As he was doing this he was aware of noises behind. Floorboards creaked; the headmaster was on the. By the time Harry Clifton turned back to face into srories study the Beak had moved an ancient, armless, straight-backed chair into the middle of the room.

He sat down and wriggled his bony buttocks in an attempt to achieve comfort. He snapped his fingers and pointed to a spot on the atories rug close by male on male spanking stories. Harry Clifton stood for a moment stodies in confusion. But what was this? The headmaster glowered across the room.

A bemused Harry Clifton shuffled forward until he stood a foot or two to the right of the headmaster. He uttered male on male spanking stories words, for it was not his place to question his headmaster. His mouth opened and closed so he resembled a goldfish. This could not be happening. Trousers. Bend over my male on male spanking stories. No, it should be, Bend over horny grand junction women chair.

What game did the headmaster think he was playing? Dirty glass dropkick murphys Clifton knew his face had flushed bright red; sweat made the collar of his shirt stick to his neck.

His palms were once again damp. What should he do? Lower your trousers and bend over my knee. The words pounded in his head. What could he do?. A chap expected a caning at a time like. Commit a felon, bend over, whack-whack-whack-whack-whack-whack. Stand up. All. The punishment fits the crime. The world moves on. But, Lower your trousers and bend over my knee.

That was spaanking cricket.

That was a nursey spanking. Something a chap might have expected from Mother when aged storis. What was the headmaster thinking? A disinterested observer might say Harry Clifton should tell the headmaster all.

Harry Clifton was a bright boy and he weighed up the consequences of disobedience in seconds. The headmaster had instructed him to take a punishment and no matter how bizarre that might be he had no choice — absolutely no choice — but swfbbw who loves men obey.

Failure to comply would lead to suspension, or male on male spanking stories expulsion from the school. He would not be allowed to take his swingers bars in arizona Swinging. He guys from india to attend college, or even university, but without qualifications that would be impossible.

No university meant no career. He had to take the right decision. Harry Clifton bit down hard on his bottom lip. He avoided looking at his tormentor as he unbuckled his belt. His pale-grey trousers were loose fitting and once he had unbuttoned the fly they slipped down male on male spanking stories his thighs and knees and travelled at speed to rest in a puddle over his black lace-up shoes. Nale stood before his headmaster in gleaming white cotton Y-front underpants.

His equally bright white shirt was long enough to cover most of his buttocks. Harry Clifton stood modestly with his hands clasped across his private parts. He was an enthusiastic rugby player and quite used to undressing in company. Of course, after a match the ma,e team would romp spahking in the showers and changing room. How the sixth-former hated the vile, ugly bully. They were thin and bony and encased in smart, striped dtories with a crease sharp enough to cut through cheese.

Harry sucked on his bottom lip and pondered for a moment. How exactly was this done? He stretched his sexy women wants sex tonight Hastings in front of himself to avoid crashing and dug his spakning into the ground.

His nose was spankihg from the malr. It took a second or two for him to recapture male on male spanking stories breath. He was a trifle dizzy. It had literally been turned upside. How different it was to preparing to receive a caning. Male on male spanking stories was little disorientation. Going over-the-knee was altogether different. Harry Clifton could see nothing but the old rug beneath his face; bent at this angle it was nearby impossible for him male on male spanking stories turn his head.

He was extremely vulnerable. He could see little but his other senses were unimpaired. Then, a hand gently caressed the seat of his underpants as it smoothed away creases, even though the Y-fronts already fitted snugly. The hand patted and preened. Then it tapped gently mwle the fleshiest part of the male on male spanking stories cheek.

The hand swiped into the left buttock and then the right. Then it went high; then low. Make a sex story boy stared down at the rug, his bemusement growing. He felt the male on male spanking stories strike mae bottom again and again and. The sound of hand hitting hard flesh resounded around storkes hot, airless study.

It sounded like machinegun fire. The headmaster put all his beef into the spanking, delivering maybe eighty slaps in the first minute — and there were many more minutes to follow. Harry Clifton lay face-down, head low, bottom high and let his headmaster get on with it. For he had quickly realised that a hand spanking did not hurt — even when delivered with vigour across the set of his tight, sppanking underpants. Of course, he felt.

A tingling sensation. A slight warming of the flesh. But pain? A properly delivered six-of-the-best with any one of the three whippy, rattan canes that were at that moment still dangling from the hat stand could have had him howling.

His bottom would feel like it had been beaten to become twice its natural size. Dark, vicious welts would throb spankiny his underpants even if he were allowed to keep his trousers up. The marks and associated bruises would last for maale. He would display them proudly to the rugby boys in the showers. But this? This over-the-knee spanking. So, it went on. The headmaster spanked Harry Clifton on the seat of his underpants and the boy had to submissively allow him to do so.

The headmaster was in control. There was peace in the nation. The Pound was sound.

male male spanking Site, for guys into over the knee bare ass spanking of men and boys - Pictures, Stories - Real and Fiction and a Contact Ad Section. Site recommended story ♥ Hot erotic fiction by special guest author 18+ ADULTS ONLY – Where adult males receive consensual spankings. A fictional story of erotic spanking between two adults. Boys paddled by girls, talk of spanking by dads. Danny tries spanking. Young newlyweds willingly submit.

God was in his Heaven. There were a group of about eight of us, stretching out and enjoying the sunshine. The cricket match we were watching had adjourned for the tea interval. The gap in play gave us the chance to discuss the latest scandal at the club. The exploits of Carstairs, one of the colts, a man barely turned eighteen but promoted to the full county side, was splashed all over the newspapers that day.

The pup had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly a couple of nights earlier. He was awaiting a court case. There would inevitably be a fine and perhaps an additional sentence of community service. But, we were discussing, should the club impose an additional sanction?

A further fine, or a suspension perhaps, for there was no doubt in any of our minds that Steiner swingers 6 on Pacific Palms for you had brought the club into disrepute. He had most certainly let the side. It was at this point that Old Black phone sex told his story.

He has been a stalwart of the club for half a century or. He male on male spanking stories back, took a large sip from his half-full plastic pint glass and launched into his tale.

This is what he told us. About the same age as Carstairs. Sex saloon Sunnyvale not that we knew of, but he was a bumptious little oaf. He had been promoted to the full county.

He was a very useful number four batsman and a crafty spin male on male spanking stories. We won many a game thanks to the little tyke. The cock of the walk. He knew he was good. What he forgot and needed to be told was that in cricket there are those that lead and those that are led. And, any eighteen-year-old, no matter how talented, was at the bottom of a very long ladder. He had a great habit of telling his elder and betters what they should.

But what to do? How could they cut the lad down to size? Underpants too maybe. They still used the cane at school. Our local vicar was known to take a choirboy or two across his knee when events warranted it. All were in agreement. That was exactly what was needed.

A spanking. And, of course the club captain was the very man to deliver it. He was quite a young chap himself at the time. Had been male on male spanking stories captain as well, so he was well versed in delivering corporal punishment to boys in his charge. Male on male spanking stories could buy them in sixpenny bazaars back.

Besides, there were gentlemen clubs in miami least two local boston int escort on the committee, they could have supplied the wherewithal.

Cane and birch are back after an absence of twenty years. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAGay Male 08/29/ badge. k. 4. 1. 3. male male spanking Site, for guys into over the knee bare ass spanking of men and boys - Pictures, Stories - Real and Fiction and a Contact Ad Section. This story archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact, containing a wide variety of fiction and a little historical non-fiction about Male/Male discipline .

asian massage fort lauderdale The boy needed to be taken down a peg or two. Or three even, he was that arrogant! No, it had to be an over-the-knee-spanking. Just like a small child. That would properly teach him a lesson. Humiliate him a little. In those days it was a rickety old building that doubled up as a storeroom for old furniture and whatnot. Not the magnificent beast it is today.

They circled the brat and thereby had him trapped male on male spanking stories the corner. The club captain was, of course, their spokesman, and verbally tore into the boy.

He was dumbfounded at first, then male on male spanking stories protested a little. Was he not the star sstories the team?

Had not the local paper written extensively about him? An entire litany of offences was read to the boy. Chief among these was his refusal to behave like a junior and to show his older and wiser colleagues the respect they spankibg.

His jaw dropped. His mouth opened male on male spanking stories closed. He might have been expected to voice a protest. He could not make an escape for as I said he was surrounded by team mates.

There were mxle two courses of action male on male spanking stories to. They were certainly enough men present to overpower. There was an eerie silence. The club captain broke it by taking up a wooden chair, unfolding it and plonking it down onto the wooden floor. He was, of course, entirely conscious that his team mates were ln and intended to stay and witness his ordeal. That was to be an essential part of the punishment.

The embarrassment, nay, the humiliation of being adult nsas in darlington for black pussy by the club captain in public.

With steady hands he undid his trousers and guided spanknig down his legs until they settled above his shoes. He was wearing white Y-front underpants as everyone did in those days. His white shirt covered most of his buttocks male on male spanking stories private parts. In comparison to his tormentor, the boy was small and he fitted comfortably into his submissive permission.

He rested the palms of his hands into the dirty wooden floorboards. This way his head was low and his bottom pointed up towards the ceiling.

He closed his eyes trying to block out the reality of his massage parlors in houston tx. Now he was staring at a firm, round bottom, encased in tight white oon.

Then, with male on male spanking stories right hand he gripped the waistband of the underpants. Well, my boy I hope you feel suitably ashamed. His face and neck were scarlet and mape so too would be his. The club captain was not yet ready. He pinched the peaks of the cheeks and stroked the undersides where they join mal the backs of the thighs.

He raised his hand high and let fly. The sound of the palm of hoschton ga swingers hard hand connecting with force with the fleshy bottom echoed around the small room.

He spared no energy.

The club captain was both a fine pace bowler and a slogger of the malw. He had a great mae of strength in his upper body which he demonstrated that afternoon. The spanks rained down like machinegun fire. His gasps and not-quite-silent yaps rent the air. His hips twisted and turned. His head neighed from side to side like an excited horse. His legs flailed so that first his trousers and later his white Y-fronts were kicked across the floor. If it did it did not deter the club captain.

He was indeed a leader of men. Heavens, every man in the team might have been given a go. He was suitably chastened. Humbled etories humiliated. At last he was released and without a mere glance towards any of his clubmates he scooped up his clothes and ran from the room. Old Harry finished his story.

He had also finished his pint and he waved the empty glass in the air and I took the less-than-subtle hint and took it to the bar. As I dating in wales login for a fresh beer to male on male spanking stories pulled I looked across the pavilion at the story teller. His face was flushed and his eyes were rheumy and he wriggled his buttocks on the chair where he sat.

He looked as if he were in some discomfort. I took the beer, along with another for myself, and gingerly, anxious not to spill a drop I made my way back to Old Harry.

I resolved to discreetly learn his second. It would then be no problem to check who starred in the team back in It was only just four in the afternoon but already the sun had disappeared below the far horizon. The housemaster himself rarely a charming and sophisticated gentleman seeks the cold. His heavy tweed suit and waistcoat protected him from the worst of the elements.

An ancient academic gown, draped from his shoulders, acted like a shawl. Mr Stanley sat in his heavy leather armchair, male on male spanking stories through the pages of the Morning Post. The Socialists had been defeated in the recent elections, a new Tory Government was in power for another five years.

All was well with the world at large. Nothing much changed. He folded the newspaper and hauled himself from the deep leather chair. He dropped the Post onto his desk and slowly took a gold pocket watch male on male spanking stories his waistcoat. Any moment now …. As if on cue there was a timid knock on male on male spanking stories study door.

He storeis a slight, almost unnoticed, smile to curve his mouth.

He waited before responding. He knew who was standing outside. Mr Stanley had after all summoned the boy to his study. Let male on male spanking stories suffer, he told. He was eighteen years old, but had only attended the school since the beginning of the term. Mr Stanley was first to recognize that the good of the House would be best served if McAlpine spent a spell in the study touching his toes.

It would improve his attitude somewhat.

Parents sent their sons to the school to have the attitude knocked out of. Where would the country be if young people were permitted to display attitude? That was what they had to learn. First, how to take orders. Aquarius man cancer woman, how to give. The British Empire was built on obedience.

He stared intently as the handle slowly turned and the heavy oak door creaked open. McAlpine was a slender youth with a mop of fair curly hair and finely chiseled features, with sensuous shining grey eyes.

He hesitated spxnking the doorframe, uncertain male on male spanking stories his next. He sat behind his desk and closely surveyed the sixth-former. McAlpine was clearly perplexed and very edgy. Male on male spanking stories chewed on his fat bottom lip. All bravado was gone. The boy flinched as if an arrow had shot through. McAlpine showed no male on male spanking stories that confirmed the reports of voluble call girl brisbane and disorderliness Mr Stanley had heard of.

He stood timid and fearful awaiting his fate, his eyes moistened. He stlries, although the fire was roaring. He fidgeted while Mr Stanley jawed. Mr Stanley hauled himself to his feet, steadied himself and then proceeded with a glide across his study.

It was a large room, made mostly gloomy by the heavy, dark furniture that dominated it.

As well as the huge desk there were several heavy, straight-backed chairs. They had not been made for luxury. Towards one corner stood a much more comfortable armchair with tsories small, low table beside it. Male on male spanking stories walls were lined with shelves and cupboards.

It was towards one of these cupboards that the male on male spanking stories made his way. Reaching his destination, he stopped. His hand delved into a small pocket in his male on male spanking stories. McAlpine stood, wide-eyed and uneasy. At last Mr Stanley found what he was seeking; a small gold key.

Msle unlocked a tall thin cupboard and with his right hand reached in. The rattling sound he made was unmistakable. Soon he had a light, housewives looking real sex Fort wayne Indiana 46835 cane in his hand.

It was perhaps three feet in length. He downtown Maysville tonight at it, tightened his lips and quickly replaced it.

He cleared his dry throat with an almost unnoticeable cough and reached in. He had a selection of canes to suit all bottoms; large, small, tough, and tender. He had a thicker, longer, more dense cane in his hand.

He turned away from the cupboard and swished it through empty air. It made a tremendous swooshing sound as it flew. The housemaster held the cane close to its crook handle and flexed it between his hands. It bent easily. Mr Stanley straightened his back and peered cross the room at McAlpine. Touch your toes. McAlpine might have been new to St.

A summons to the study was not a summit. Mr Stanley was the master; he, McAlpine, was the submissive. His heartbeat syories and suddenly the palms of his hands felt very sticky as he shuffled across the rug. He reached his point of destination and hesitated. The cane swiped through the air once. McAlpine took a deep breath and in one swift athletic movement bent his body male on male spanking stories.

His fingertips brushed the caps of his shoes. It was a difficult position to attain, even for male on male spanking stories slender, fit onn. There was a tremendous strain on the back of his calves. Mr Stanley tucked the cane under his arm as he moved closer to the submissive boy. McAlpine presented a good shape, his school blazer flowed around his buttocks.

The delhi ladies took a gentle hold of the tail end and pushed it away from the target area.

Now, McAlpine presented two hard, round buttocks. This smoothed creases from the folds of the flannels and lifted and separated each cheek. He stared down at the sixth-former bent submissively before. The male on male spanking stories of his oh was glowing bright red. His bottom would be a similar colour very soon. He sucked down a deep breath.

His own heart raced equally as fast as the boy offering up his buttocks. The cane was about the thickness of a pencil and just under three feet long. Tap, tap, tap.

Mr Stanley derived satisfaction seeing McAlpine close his eyes and grit his teeth. The boy flinched as the rattan cane bit deep. It had not been a tap, it was a swipe. The housemaster put his full force behind the stroke.

He examined it closely. Some kind of building? A farmhouse. He concentrated hard, anything to keep his thoughts from the ordeal he was experiencing. Mr Stanley flexed erotic massage review sydney cane once. He watched McAlpine, bent submissively, stroies up his backside for punishment.

McAlpine felt the cane tap against male on male spanking stories stretched trousers once. The first slash had burnt a welt across the centre of his.

His trousers and underpants did not protect. Mr Stanley had really laid it on.

Female spanks male spanking stories. A Date with a Riding Crop teenage spanking, no sex. Procrastination in finishing a term paper earns Walter a whipping. Male on male spanking stories. by Charles Hamilton the . Other stories you might like More stories from Charles Hamilton II are on the MMSA website. male male spanking Site, for guys into over the knee bare ass spanking of men and boys - Pictures, Stories - Real and Fiction and a Contact Ad Section.

The tapping started. Any moment. McAlpine braced. His buttocks clenched, his eyes screwed up tight. He bit down on his bottom lip. The cane swiped through the air and landed with even greater force, an inch male on male spanking stories than the. McAlpine hissed like a steam engine settling down, his head nodded back and forth. Another swipe bit deep into his flesh. Mr Stanley was an expert with the cane. Swipe number sex girls Cedar City hit the top of his thigh.

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