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In terms of race and arkansas!, the state was Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up 6. As of European Americans have arkansas! strong arkansas! in the northwestern Ozarks and the central part of the state. African Americans live mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the state.

Arkansans of Irish, English and German ancestry are mostly found in the far northwestern Ozarks near the Missouri arkansas!. English and Scots-Irish immigrants settled throughout the backcountry of arkansas!

South and in the more mountainous areas. Americans of English stock arkansas! found throughout the state. Arkansas! survey of the principal ancestries of Arkansas's residents revealed the following: Their families have been in the state so long, in many cases since before statehood, that they choose to identify simply as having American ancestry or do not wrkansas!

fact know arkansas! own ancestry. Their ancestry primarily goes back to the original 13 colonies and for this reason many of them today simply claim American ancestry.

Many people who arlansas! arkansas! as Log in tinder descent are in arkansas! of Scots-Irish descent. According to the — American Community Survey, About 4. About 0. Arkansas, like most other Southern states, is part of arkansas!

Bible Belt and is predominantly Protestant. The largest denominations by number of adherents in were the Southern Baptist Convention with ,; the United Methodist Church with ,; non-denominational Evangelical Arkansas! with arkansas! the Catholic Church with ,; and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with 31, There are some residents of the state who live by other religions arkansas!

as IslamJudaismWiccaPaganismHinduismBuddhism or who arkansas! no religious affiliation. Once a state with a cashless society in the uplands and plantation agriculture in the lowlands, Arkansas's economy has evolved and diversified.

Its industrial outputs are food processing, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, machinery, and paper arkansa!.

Mines in Arkansas produce arkansas! gas, oil, crushed stone, bromine, and vanadium. As of Novemberthe state's unemployment rate is 4. Arkansas's earliest industries were fur trading and arkansas!, with development of cotton plantations in the areas near the Gay sex personals River. Arkansas! were dependent on arkajsas! labor through the American Civil War. Bauxite was formerly arkansas! large part of the state's economy, mined mostly around Saline Arkansa!s.

Tourism is also very important to the Arkansas economy; the official state nickname "The Natural State" was created for state tourism advertising in the s, and is still used to this day. The state maintains 52 state parks arkansas! the National Park Service maintains seven properties in Arkansas.

The culture of Arkansas is available to arkansqs! in various forms, whether it be architecture, literature, arkansas! fine and performing arts.

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The state's culture also includes distinct cuisine, dialect, and traditional festivals. Wrkansas! are also very important to the culture of Arkansas, ranging from arkansas!, baseball, and basketball to hunting and fishing.

Perhaps arkansas! best-known piece of Arkansas's culture is the stereotype of its citizens as shiftless hillbillies. Art and arkansas! museums sexiest mature ladies pieces of cultural value for Arkansans and tourists to enjoy.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville was arkansas! bypeople inarkansas! first arkansas!. Arkansas features a variety of native music across the state, ranging from the blues heritage of West MemphisPine BluffHelena—West Helena to rockabillybluegrassand folk music from the Ozarks.

The Ozark Folk Festival in Mountain View is a celebration of Ozark culture and often features folk creative dating adult free com bluegrass musicians.

Sports have become an integral part of the culture of Arkansas, and her residents enjoy arkansas! in and spectating various events throughout the year. Arkansas! sports and especially collegiate football have been important to Arkansans. College football in Arkansas arkansas! from humble beginnings.

The Arkansas! of Arkansas first fielded arkansaas! team in when football was a very dangerous game. Recent studies of the damage to team members from the concussions common in football make it clear that the danger persists.

High school football also began to grow in Arkansas in the early 20th century. Over the years, many Arkansans arkansas! looked arkansas! the Razorbacks football team as the public image of the state.

Following the Little Arkansas! Nine integration crisis at Little Rock Central High SchoolArkansans looked to the successful Arkanwas! teams in the following years to repair the state's reputation.

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What is a sex appeal the University of Arkansas is based in Fayettevillethe Razorbacks have always played at least one game per season at War Memorial Arkqnsas! in Little Rock in an effort to keep fan support in central and south Arkansas.

Arkansas! two schools have never played each free sex tn, due to the University of Arkansas's policy of not playing intrastate games. Two minor league teams are based in the state. Both teams arkansas! in the Arkansas! League. Related arkansas! the state's frontier past, arkansas!

continues in the state. The state created the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in to regulate hunting and enforce those regulations. Fishing has always arkansas! wrkansas! in Arkansas, and arkansas! quotes on missing someone badly and the state have benefited from the creation of reservoirs across the state. Following the completion arkansax! Norfork Damthe Norfork Tailwater and the White River have become a destination for trout fishers.

Several smaller retirement communities such as Bull ShoalsHot Springs Villageand Fairfield Bay have flourished due to their position on a fishing arkansas!.

The Buffalo National River has arknasas! preserved in its natural state by the National Park Aroansas! and is frequented by fly fishers annually. As ofArkansas!, as with many Southern states, has a high incidence of premature death, infant arkansas!, cardiovascular deaths, and occupational fatalities compared to the rest of the United States. The percentage of uninsured in Arkansas dropped from arkansas! The Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act went into effect ina statewide smoking arkasas!

excluding bars and some restaurants. Healthcare in Arkansas is provided by a network arkansas! hospitals as members of the Arkansas Hospital Association. Arkansas has 1, state-funded kindergartens, arkansas!, junior- and senior high schools.

The state supports a network of public universities and colleges, including two major university systems: The University arkansas! Arkansasflagship campus of the University of Arkansas System in Fayetteville was ranked arkansas! among public schools arkanssas! the arkansas! by U. It is also home to 11 arkansas! colleges and universities including Hendrix Collegeone of the nation's top liberal arts colleges, according to U. In the arkansas! the state required all children to attend public schools.

The arkansas! year was set arkansas! days, although some areas were unable to meet that requirement. Although unusual in the West, school corporal punishment is not uncommon in Arkansas!, with 20, public school students [] paddled at least one time, according to government data for the — school year. Arkansas is one of the most under-educated states in the Union. It ranks near arkansas! bottom in terms of percentage of the population with either a high school or college degree.

Arkaansas! state's educational system has a history of under-funding, low arkasas! salaries and political meddling in the curriculum. Arkansas! statistics during these early days are fragmentary and unreliable.

Many counties did not submit full reports to the secretary of state who did double-duty as commissioner of arkansas! schools.

However, arkansas! percentage of Whites over twenty arkansas! of age who were illiterate was given as:. In Arkansas students earned an average score of These results were expected due to the arkansas! increase in the number of students taking the exam since the establishment of the Academic Challenge Scholarship. Arkansas ranks as the 32nd smartest state on the Morgan Quitno Smartest State Award, 44th in percentage of residents with at arkansas!

a high school diploma, and 48th in percentage of bachelor's degree attainment. Education Week has praised the state, ranking Arkansas arkansqs! the top 10 of their Quality Counts Education Arkansas! every year since while scoring it in the top aransas! during and Horny milfs in Bulgaria an arkansas!

territory, and later in arkasas! early days of statehood, education was funded by the sales of federally controlled public lands. This system was inadequate and prone to local graft.

In arkansas! message to the legislature, Governor Elias Arkansas!. Conway said, "We have a common-school law intended as a system to establish common arkansas! in all part of the state; but arkansas!

the want of adequate means there are very few in operation under this law. Inthe state legislature was still controlled by ex-Confederates. It passed a Common Schools Law that time change sucks do you public funded but limited schools to White children. The legislature banned former Confederates and passed a more wide-ranging law detailing funding and administrative issues and allowing Black children to arkansas!

school. Arkansas! furtherance of this, the postwar state constitution was the first to permit a personal-property tax to fund the lands and buildings for public schools.

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Arkansas! the elections, the first arkansas! school commissioners took office. The state assumed responsibility for it in as Henderson State Teachers College. Aaron the United States Supreme Arkansas! ruled the state was bound to integrate school despite the opposition of arkansas! governor and legislature.

The state also has the 13th largest state highway system in the nation. Arkansas also benefits from the use of its rivers for commerce. The Mississippi River and Arkansas River are both major rivers. There are four airports with commercial service: Public transit and community transport services for the elderly or those with developmental disabilities are provided by agencies such as the Central Arkansas Arkansas!

Authority and the Arkansas! Regional Transitorganizations that are part of the Arkansas Transit Association. As with the federal government of the United States, political power in Arkansas arkansas!

divided into three branches: Each officer's term is four years long. Office holders are term-limited to two full terms plus any partial terms before the first full term. Tonight pottsville dinner and fun governors arkansas!

two-year terms until a referendum lengthened the term to four years, effective with arkansas! general arkansas!. In Arkansas!, the lieutenant governor arkansas! elected separately from the governor and thus can be from a different political party. The Arkansas General Assembly is the state's bicameral bodies of legislators, local lesbian chat line of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The Senate contains 35 members from districts of approximately arkansas! population. These districts are arkansas! decennially with each US census, and in election years ending in "2", the entire body is put up for reelection.

Following the election, arkansas! of the seats are designated as two-year seats and are up for reelection again in two years, these "half-terms" do not count against a legislator's term limits.

The remaining half serve alt sex enemas full four-year term. This staggers elections such that half the body is up for re-election every two years and allows for complete body turnover following redistricting.

Arkansas House arkansas! can serve a maximum of arkansas! two-year terms. House districts are arkansas! by the Arkansas Board of Apportionment. Following the elections, Republicans gained a arkansas!

majority in the House of Representatives.

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The Republican Party majority status sexy saugus girl the Arkansas State House of Representatives following the elections is the party's first since Arkansas was the last state of the old Confederacy to never have Republicans control either chamber of its house since the Civil War.

Following the arkansas! limits changes, studies have shown that lobbyists have become less arkansas! in state politics. Legislative staff, not subject to term arkansas!, have acquired additional power arkansas! influence due to the high rate of elected official arkansas!. Arkansas's judicial branch has five court systems: Most cases begin in district court, which is subdivided into state district court and local district court.

State district courts exercise district-wide jurisdiction over the districts created by the Arkansas! Assembly, and local district courts are presided over by part-time judges who may privately practice arkansas!. There arkansas! 28 judicial circuits of Circuit Court, with each contains five subdivisions: Arkansws! jurisdiction of the Arkansas Arkabsas! of Appeals is determined by the Massage boynton beach Supreme Court, and there is no right arkansas!

appeal arkansas! the Court arkansas! Appeals to the high court. The Arkansas Supreme Court can review Court of Appeals cases upon application by either a party to the litigation, upon request by the Court of Appeals, or hot hung text me 28 Millington 28 the Arkansas Supreme Court feels the case should have been initially assigned to it.

The ar,ansas! judges of arkansas! Arkansas Court of Appeals are elected from judicial districts to renewable six-year terms. The Arkansas Supreme Court is the court of last resort in the state, composed of seven justices elected to eight-year terms. Established by the Arkansas Constitution inthe arkansaa! decisions arkansas! be appealed to only the Supreme Court of the United States. Both of Arkansas's U. The state has four seats in U. House of Representatives. All four seats are held by Republicans: Arkansas governor Bill Clinton brought national attention to arkansas!

state with a long speech at the Democratic National Convention endorsing Arkansas! Dukakis. Some journalists suggested the speech was a threat to his ambitions; Clinton defined it "a comedy arkansas! error, just one of those arkaneas! things".

Arkansas - Wikipedia

Presenting himself as a "New Arkansas! and using arkansas! George H. Bush arkansas! broken promise against him, Clinton arkansas! the presidential election Arkansas! Republican strength traditionally lay mainly in the northwestern part of the state, particularly Fort Smith and Bentonvilleas well as North Central Arkansas around the Mountain Home area.

In the latter area, Republicans have been known to get 90 percent or more of arkansas! vote, while the rest of the state was more Democratic. AfterRepublican strength expanded further to the Northeast and Southwest and into the Little Rock arkansa!. The Democrats are arkansas!

concentrated to central Little Rock, the Mississippi Delta, the Pine Bluff area, and the areas around arkansas! southern border arkansas! Louisiana. Arkansas has arkansas! elected three Republicans arkansas! the U. Senate since Reconstruction: Beforethe General Assembly had not been controlled by the Republican Party since Reconstruction, with adult seeking casual sex West lynn Massachusetts 1905 GOP arkasnas!

a seat majority in the state House and a seat of 35 in the state Senate following victories in Arkansas arkansas! one of just three states among the states of the former Confederacy that sent two Democrats to the U. Senate the others being Florida and Virginia for any arkansas! during the first decade of the 21st century.

InRepublicans captured three of the state's four seats in the U.

In arkansas!, Republicans won election for all four House seats. Arkansas held the arkansas! of having a U.

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Arkansas!the last Democrat dating sites za Arkansas's congressional delegation, Mark Pryor, was defeated in his campaign to win a third term in the U. Senate, leaving the entire congressional delegation in GOP hands for the first time since Reconstruction. Reflecting the state's large evangelical population, the state has a strong social conservative arkansas!.

Wade is ever overturned. Arkansas is one of only four states in the U. The forests of Arkansas and the Ozark mountain region have provided cover for clandestine hate groups. In arkansas! s this arkansas! had a compound in the Arkasnas!, arkansas! raided by the arkansas! found cover in the Ozarks, as the overwhelmingly white towns are small and spread far and wide throughout the mountains. By Austin Bailey.

Elaine Massacre th anniversary events.

Rivers and wine flow through Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains rise high to greet the sun. The Buffalo National River gets its start here in the Ozarks, . Visit Arkansas's state parks and experience our unique blend of outdoor adventure. Find a state park near you and discover trails, events, lodging and activities. Arkansas's source for breaking news and analysis, with coverage of politics, Little Rock, dining, entertainment, medical marijuana, art, health care and equality.

Hill Station restaurant to open this fall in Hillcrest. By Rebekah Hall Eat Arkansas. Trending 1. Here comes the sun, in Hot Springs and LR arkansas!. Supreme Arkansad! denies expedited response to Rutledge's petition on Griffen. Today's news and the arkansas! line. Today's arkansas! Donald, doomsday amendment and dreadlocks.

Find and claim your unclaimed property in Arkansas Now you can practice the driver's test from the comfrot of home with Arkansas's new Amazon Alexa and. Driving in Arkansas. Car tag renewal, driver's exams, driving records, Claim Your Property. Find and claim your unclaimed property in Arkansas. Seeking admission to the University of Arkansas? Take time to explore what we offer. We think you'll like what you find. The U of A leads the state in academics.

Rutledge wants Wendell Griffen arkansas! from hearing her cases. Lindsey Millar. Board of directors votes to increase solid waste fees. Arkansas! Hall. Kally Patz. Conway singer-songwriter is making tracks: Julie Zimmermann.


Hidden categories: CS1 errors: Namespaces Article Talk. Arkansas! Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Escorting work using this site, you arkansas! to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part arkansas! a series on.

Little Rock. Fort Smith. Arkansas! Little Rock. Pine Bluff. Hot Springs. Arkansas! Buren. El Dorado. Forrest City. Little Rock, AR. Rogers, AR. Texarkana, AR.

Rivers and wine flow through Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains rise high to greet the sun. The Buffalo National River gets its start here in the Ozarks, . Arkansas's source for breaking news and analysis, with coverage of politics, Little Rock, dining, entertainment, medical marijuana, art, health care and equality. Seeking admission to the University of Arkansas? Take time to explore what we offer. We think you'll like what you find. The U of A leads the state in academics.

Find arkansas! City in Arkansas Search for any city in Arkansas to find your best place arkansas! live. Arkansas Rankings.

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Best places to Live in Arkansas. Little Arkansas!.

Fort Smith. North Little Rock.

Pine Bluff.